TuaPath is a software platform

Designed by front-line workforce center staff to overcome the administrative burden that program requirements create.

We change the story by combining this 24/7 mobile technology, Executive Skills research, and proven implementation methodology.

This solution helps case managers be able to be coaches who, in turn, help participants identify and reach their development and employment goals.

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TuaPath Changes the Process

  • Provides a Unified Technology Platform.
  • Improves Delivery, Consistency and
    Quality of Service
  • Improves Data and Reporting for
    System Improvement

Case Managers Become Coaches

  • Reduces Administrative Burden
  • Increases Capacity for CoachingĀ and Relationships
  • Provides Additional Tools & Resources

Transforms Cases into Clients

  • Simplifies Fulfilling Requirements with 24/7 Mobile, Tablet and PC Access
  • Increases Coach Interaction and Communications
  • Teaches Goal Achievement Life Skills