GST Michigan Works!
GST Michigan Works! shares findings of an evaluation of the use of Family Centered Coaching and TuaPath to improve engagement and goal achievement for TANF participants

TuaPath is

Built for organizations focused on helping people advance their lives, meet their goals and create their own positive human story. A platform where participant’s goals are organized into personalized pathways consisting of manageable action steps under the guidance of their coach. TuaPath changes the coaching equation, providing the optimal environment for the goal-oriented coaching process to thrive.
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TuaPath is

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Gain insight quickly into participant’s situation

Focus the coaching engagement on the greatest need by getting to know your participants, students and individuals - who they are, what are their skills, where are in their journey and where do they want to go - through initial and ongoing, pre-defined and custom, assessments.
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Success starts with a roadmap

Identify and organize goals and action steps in a personalized roadmap designed to keep efforts organized, prioritized and on track to goal attainment. Participants view and complete goals from the convenience of a simple to use, mobile friendly interface with coaches able to evaluate, review and monitor progress in real-time.
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Integrate content resources into coaching platform

Create a library of online, expert driven and vetted content that’s uniform in its delivery and easy to access to supplement and reinforce the coaching process. Streamline coaching services while providing online blended and self-initiated learning opportunities that continue to build skills towards goal attainment.
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Practice Makes Perfect

Goals are part of every aspect of life. Without goals, chaos reigns. Knowing how to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely is crucial. TuaPath is the only platform where individuals can practice and perfect their goal setting skills and coaches able to evaluate and review progress.
The Office of Family Assistance recognizes TuaPath as an innovative technology initiative to redirect time and energy towards coaching by streamlining processes online and empower participants to take ownership of goal setting and goal achievement in their path to self-sufficiency.


"Working with TuaPath has been so amazing. The team truly understand the work we do and they've been so responsive as we've worked together to build the perfect coaching platform."
Christine Fenwick
"I had been out of the office for the past week and I just returned this morning. It was so nice to have my first phone coaching appointment this morning run so smoothly and efficiently. The TuaPath platform is so easy to use. It was a stress-free experience!!!"
Sandra Anderson
"Moving to an online solution ultimately gives our coaches more time to work directly and more intensely with participants on activities that contribute to their work participation requirements."
Dena R. Jardine
"TuaPath understands the mission of the Works Program in Larimer County and across the state, at a level greater than some staff and they fully comprehend the goal achievement model and the day in the life of a coach."
Kristina Bulik-Hocum