Pathways that lead to participant success. Data that tells your compelling story.
Increase coaching capacity through self-directed learning and guide participants towards goal attainment through personal pathways. Tell your story with data that matters and gets attention.
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Participant Profile

Capture relevant demographic, social, employment and wage information as well resumes, work verification, and certificate documentation necessary to provide full view of participant. Run reports and analyze key metrics on any data points.
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Assess skills, experience, executive functioning skills, stress points and barriers that may hinder progress and leverage results to determine goodness of fit and guide goal setting based on prerequisites to increases likeliness of achievement.
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Create personalized roadmaps consisting of identified and prioritized goals and action steps. At any time access the roadmap, complete tasks, track progress and view victories from a single interface.
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Action-Step Library

Make better use of a coach's time and build a library of content that can be easily integrated into a participant's roadmap and the coaching process. Include resources and services information, education materials, training videos, competency exams or surveys – any content in a variety of formats.
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Record of Contact

Keep track of every interaction with a participant whether email, SMS message, one-on-one or phone meeting.
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Easily monitor and track participant's activity and progress through dashboards, out-of-the-box, customized, and adhoc reports.
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Send friendly behavioral nudges and notifications to remind participants of important dates and activities through email and SMS messages to encourage compliance and accountability.
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Access the platform anytime, anywhere from a mobile, tablet or desktop device.