College Career Centers

Building pathways to career readiness.
TuaPath is a simple and easy way to organize the abundance of career learning objectives into easily accessible and organized pathways to career readiness that students can access anytime and anywhere.
1: 4000
Career center advisor/student ratio typically range from 1:250 to 1:4000
30– 70
Career centers have 30-70 Career Learning Objectives (CLO’s) to offer students
15– 30
It takes a career advisor 15 to 30 minutes to teach one CLO to a student
Scaling career education is virtually impossible with current career center staff and limited budget.
To meet the need, career centers would have to increase staff 3-10 times to meet their student’s career education needs.
TuaPath provides the ability to substantively and effectively scale the career center’s reach without increasing staff.
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Career Learning Objective Library

Create a library of all learning and resources content whether text, images, videos, or forms, that can be easily integrated into a student’s personal Career Pathway.
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Career Pathways

Identify specific milestones and learning objectives based on the student’s career goal or that of the career center or faculty member for that student. Students can work on their learning objectives online at any time from the convenience of a single easy to use interface accessible from mobile, tablet or desktop device.
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Career Advisors & Faculty Portals

Career Advisors build career pathways through an easy to use interface in addition to faculty adding career learning objectives to their curriculum. Both advisors and faculty can easily monitor a student’s progress and gage comprehension by integrating assessments.
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Easily monitor and track participant’s activity and progress through dashboards, out-of-the-box, customized, and adhoc reports.
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Send email and SMS messages to incentivize the student to move along their pathway and reminders of important appointments and activities.
Want to learn how to scale career learning objectives at your institution?