Workforce Centers

Transforming case managers into coaches.
GST Michigan Works! shares findings of an evaluation of the use of Family Centered Coaching and TuaPath to improve engagement and goal achievement for TANF participants.

The Problem:

The administrative burden of a paper-based program taxes case managers time and effort.

The TuaPath Solution:

TuaPath greatly diminishes the burden by streamlining compliance requirements online. Case managers now have significantly more time to coach and build relationships that help participants achieve self-sufficiency.

The Problem:

Toxic stress due to poverty and program requirements diminishes executive functioning skills in participants.

The TuaPath Solution:

TuaPath’s intervention significantly reduces the stress of program requirements and allows participants to focus on long, mid and short-term goals.
98  %
35  %
50  %
87  %
Redirecting time and energy towards positive outcomes.
At the Larimer County Works Program compliance is increasing, paperwork is decreasing, coaching is happening, and participants are being employed. TuaPath is at the center of the transformation.
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Monthly Time Sheets

The effectiveness of coaching depends on having enough time and the resources to build and maintain supportive relationships. TuaPath greatly reduces the administrative burden of work participation requirements compliance, allowing participants to easily enter and track hours and activities, online.
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Quickly build a participant profile and identify education, experience, executive functioning skills, stress points and barriers that may hinder progress. Leverage results to determine goodness of fit and guide goal setting based on prerequisites to increases likeliness of achievement.
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Executive Skills Training

Provide case managers with the knowledge and tools for coaching using the executive skills methodology.
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Easily create personalized roadmaps consisting of identified long, medium and short-term goals. Participants can view, prioritize, complete action steps and track their progress and victories from a single interface.
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Action-Step Library

A easy to create and simple to access library of content (text, images, video, etc.) to support the integration of available information, whether services, resource or education materials, into the coaching process.
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Easily monitor and track participant’s activity and progress through dashboards, out-of-the-box, customized, and adhoc reports.
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Send friendly behavioral nudges and notifications to remind participants of important dates and activities through email and SMS messages to encourage compliance and accountability.
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Access the platform anytime, anywhere from a mobile, tablet or desktop device.


"I recently spoke with a young woman who is a survivor of domestic violence and starting legal proceedings for custody. The perpetrator has money and an attorney. While on the phone I loaded the Action Steps "Find help with civil legal matters" and "Learn about healthy safe and respectful relationships" to her RoadMap. In using TuaPath, she was able to apply for legal assistance and will be meeting with a female attorney soon. I could hear the relief in her voice when she told me her story."
Carl Weider
"Having implemented TuaPath, we are now receiving more insight into the effort and activities that families are doing to move themselves forward. The level of detailed information that is shared flies in the face of "these folks don't do anything" and really lends itself to a richer human story. While many of the activities detailed don't contribute to the WPR requirement, they give such a different picture!"
Dena R. Jardine
"By making it easier to submit (24/7 access) monthly time sheets we anticipate an increase on countable WPR hours submitted and believe we are now capturing hours that we had lost with the paper system due to omission, loss of supportive documents and human error."
Dena R. Jardine