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Streamline Work Participation Tracking and Verification of Hours

Tracking Work Participation Hours Through Easy to Use Calendar on Smartphone
Author - Mark Fauth
Author & Founder, Mark Fauth

It’s been reported that staff can spend up to 50-60% of their time chasing, reviewing, verifying and approving work and work-related activities, if not more. That’s a lot of time, time that could be better spent helping families. What can be done to eliminate such a burden as we all know that work compliance and verification is still the current policy?

Invest in TuaPath to streamline the entire process!

TuaPath offers a comprehensive set of tools that makes recording, tracking and verifying of hours super simple and easy to do, for both participants and case managers.


Participants from a smart phone, tablet or computer enter their hours for any work-related activity. As hours are entered, they are tallied. A running total of activities and hours entered is viewable to both participant and case managers at any time, along with a breakdown between core and non-core hours.

Screenshot of TuaPath’s Monthly Time Sheet for entering work participation activities and hours.

Hours and information entered in TuaPath is presented in an easy-to-read format so there is never the need to decipher messy hand-writing associated with paper-based time sheets. Any edits to hours are reflected in the total immediately.

Upon entering their hours, participants can be prompted to provide whatever details are required to meet compliance and that match current Activity Log.

Programs that have adopted a universal engagement model where they have eliminated the federally prescribed activities and instead support a wide range of activities that speak to the real work done to improve self-sufficiency – parenting skills, financial skills, supporting mental and physical health and building soft and job skills, and more – TuaPath can capture, track and report on these hours as well as those that are countable.

TuaPath helps participants to stay on top of entering their hours on a routine and timely basis through weekly automated reminders (email and/or text) and can also remind participants to submit their hours and verification documentation to their case manager at the end of the reporting period.

Programs using TuaPath report an on-time submission rate of 87%.

Programs leveraging TuaPath’s timesheet and reminder functionality report an on-time submission rate of 87% or more, and that’s without a case manager having to lift a finger. As a result, coaches now have plenty of time to review and approve hours before the reporting period closes, chase the stragglers (there are always some) and provide extra help those who may need it.

Upload Verification Documentation

What about paystubs and other verification documents that participants are required to submit to verify hours? TuaPath’s got that covered.

As soon as a participant receives their paycheck, using their phone they can take a photo of the pay stub and upload it to TuaPath where it is immediately available for viewing and can be downloaded and printed. No longer does a participant need to hold on to a paper copy of their paystub until the next meeting or until it can be dropped off or a copy mailed, only to lose it in the meantime.

And knowing that a case manager could be patiently waiting for that ‘one file’, TuaPath can send a notification to the case manager that the paystub or another file been uploaded. It’s that easy.

Third-party Signature for Sign-Off

Understanding that many work-related activities such as job search, job readiness, high school completion, education, work experience, community service and others require the participant have their hours verified, TuaPath simplifies this process for the participant, verifier and case manager and reduce the stress associated.

For each activity that requires a sign-off, the participant can initiate a process whereby TuaPath sends an email to the third-party with instructions for how to review, comment, and sign-off, or not, on their activities. Much like with activities and hours entered, everyone (coaches and participants) can track the status of the verification request in real-time.

Effective Dashboards

TuaPath provides case managers with all the tools they need to effectively and efficiently …

  • review hours and activities entered for each reporting period
  • correct information entered,
  • access documentation uploaded,
  • check third-party verification, and
  • communicate directly with participants if needed.

In one place, all the information needed for case managers to sign-off on hours is accessible within a few clicks and can be easily downloaded and printed.

TuaPath has totally streamlined the process of chasing compliance. Prior, I would have to search through texts, emails and go to the office to check my mailbox to gather all the logs. Then I’d attempt to read blurry pictures or understand some people’s handwriting, which was nearly impossible! Now I simply go to the TuaPath platform, click on my caseload dashboard and “POOF” it's all there! I did not realize how much this platform would change my working world! - Coach, Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

Using TuaPath and its Timesheet and Third-party Signature features, case managers now spend a fraction of their time chasing compliance and more time helping individuals and families achieve economic mobility.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at sales@tuapath.com or (970) 628-0220 to schedule a demonstration.