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Maximizing Coaching Time: TuaPath’s Impact on Administrative Burden

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Author - Mark Fauth
Author & Founder, Mark Fauth

In the realm of TANF coaching, the allocation of a coach’s time is a critical factor in determining the effectiveness of the coaching process. One key metric that sheds light on this is the percentage of time spent on administrative burden versus actual coaching. TuaPath, a leading SAAS platform in this space, has significantly transformed this landscape, allowing coaches to dedicate more time to what truly matters – coaching.

Understanding Administrative Burden

Before delving into the impact of TuaPath, it’s essential to define what we mean by “Administrative Burden.” In the context of TANF coaching, administrative burden refers to the necessary work created to help a participant stay compliant. This includes various tasks, each contributing to the overall burden:

  • Meeting time devoted to Compliance Training and Motivational Interviewing (40%): These are crucial elements in ensuring participants are on the right track.
  • Reminding participants about meetings (6%): Communication is key, and reminders play a role in keeping participants engaged.
  • Breaks, Office Meetings, etc. (14%): Administrative tasks extend beyond coaching sessions, encompassing breaks and office-related commitments.
  • Paperwork Review and Data Entry (15%): A substantial portion is dedicated to the meticulous review of paperwork and entering relevant data.
  • Paperwork Collection (10%): Gathering necessary documentation adds to the administrative load. 
Pie chart showing percentage of time spent on administrative task prior to implementing TuaPath.
The Paper-Based Challenge

Under a traditional paper-based system, coaches find themselves grappling with an overwhelming burden. A staggering 85% of a coach’s time is consumed by administrative tasks, leaving a mere 15% for actual coaching. This stark reality highlights the need for a more efficient and streamlined approach. 

TuaPath’s Transformation

Enter TuaPath, a revolutionary SAAS platform that has reshaped the TANF coaching landscape. Clients leveraging TuaPath witness a remarkable reduction in administrative burden – from a daunting 85% to a manageable 38%. This transformative shift empowers coaches by freeing up a significant portion of their time for coaching. 

Breakdown of TuaPath’s Impact:

  • Meeting time devoted to Compliance Training and Motivational Interviewing (20%): TuaPath optimizes these sessions, making them more efficient. 
  • Reminding participants about meetings (1%): Automated reminders significantly reduce this aspect of administrative burden. 
  • Breaks, Office Meetings, etc. (10%): TuaPath streamlines office-related tasks, ensuring coaches spend less time on non-coaching activities. 
  • Paperwork Review and Data Entry (7%): The platform’s features facilitate quicker and more accurate data handling. 
  • Paperwork Collection (0%): TuaPath eliminates the need for manual paperwork collection, further enhancing efficiency. 
Empowering Coaches, Transforming Outcomes

In conclusion, TuaPath’s impact on the percentage of time spent on administrative burden versus coaching is nothing short of revolutionary. By reducing the burden from 85% to 38%, TuaPath empowers coaches to focus on what truly matters – guiding and supporting participants towards their goals. This shift not only maximizes coaching effectiveness but also enhances overall outcomes in TANF coaching programs. TuaPath is not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for positive change in the coaching landscape.