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TuaPath Announces Third-party Signature Feature Designed to Simplify Compliance Tracking

Verifying work activities and hours is such the rub. The process of chasing down their instructor, internship coordinator or employment supervisor to get them to sign off on their work participation hours creates such hardship. The process takes away a person’s dignity and can be a really stressful and horrible experience for those already struggling under the toxic stress of poverty.

With TuaPath’s new Third-party Signature feature, participants no longer have to do that!

TuaPath makes it easy for a participant to obtain the verification and sign-off they need without the headache and loss of self-worth. From the convenience of their phone or computer, TuaPath empowers participants to:

  • Enter information about their participation activities and the hours associated using a friendly calendar interface.
  • Track progress toward meeting requirements at any time.
  • Send request to verify activity log for the reporting period to the appropriate education, work experience or other provider.
  • Track status of the review process in real-time.
  • Access reviewed activity logs and notes.

TuaPath’s new Third-party Signature process is a step towards affirming a participant’s dignity and it goes a long way to helping restore respect and recognize (acknowledge) that participants are working hard to improve economic mobility for their families.

Case workers, and the overall program, benefits in many ways as well as TuaPath:
  • Saves value time as there is no need to scan and upload paperwork.
  • Hastens the review process and improves audit readiness as in one place, case workers can review activities and hours entered, check for documents uploaded, track the status of the sign-off and any corrections provided. There is no need to rummage through paper files or multiple systems to find the information needed.
  • Maximizes compliance by easing the burden for participants to track hours and obtain verification thereby lowering the probability of mistakes which could lead to triage and sanctions.
  • Improves transparency and trust in the program as all entries and submitted documentation can be viewed, printed and downloaded at any time.
  • Minimizes the need for discussions around compliance since the case worker has a 360 degree of participant work activity and status, as such a conversation can be a barrier to building a coaching relationship.
TuaPath is committed to doing what it can to streamline cumbersome processes that often become a barrier to participation and positive outcomes. We are excited to announce this newest feature to further help redirect and energy towards positive outcomes for both participants and case workers.