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GST Michigan Works! Delivers Virtual Services In Response to COVID With TuaPath

GST Michigan Works! was the first Michigan Works Agency to implement TuaPath in support of their work participation program required for families receiving cash assistance through the federal Family Independence Program (FIP).

Their program, PATH, which stands for Partnership, Accountability, Training and Hope, helps participants to identify barriers and connect them to the resources they need to obtain employment in Flint Michigan and the surrounding counties.

GST Michigan Works! recognized TuaPath for its ability to help modernize its systems and specifically to…

  • Reduce the administrative burden of chasing compliance by streamlining the process of tracking and submitting work participation hours.
  • Increase coach capacity so that more time could be spent meeting with clients to building trust and help coach them to meet their goals for self-sufficiency

We like what we saw in TuaPath as set of tools that could not only reduce participant stress by eliminating many of the barriers of a paper-based system, but also ease communication, increase engagement and help build goal-setting and goal achievement skills.” David Plamondon, PATH Unit Leader at GST Michigan Works!

When the pandemic hit and offices closed under orders to shelter in place, TuaPath went to work to expedite the implementation of its software and in a manner that prioritized and supported working with participants remotely. This included:

  • Embedding videos (PowerPoint presentations with voice over) within TuaPath so clients could watch them at their convenience.
  • Recreating all mandatory forms in TuaPath so they could be filled out online by the client and downloaded and printed on-demand.
  • Migrating assessment pertaining to education, employment, skills and familial situation to TuaPath.
  • Allowing participants to create and sign documentation electronically using a 4–6-character personal identification number, the same technology implemented by the IRS to electronically sign your tax` return.
  • Participants uploading verification documentation from their computer or phone.
  • Recreating goal-setting worksheets where participants could identify and write in their own words their goals and the action steps to achievement.

As TuaPath is a two-way facing system, both the case manager and the client can be logged into TuaPath and view the same information simultaneously, allowing virtual meetings to be conducted with the equal effectiveness as if they were conducted in-person.

“Without TuaPath, I am not sure what we would have done when COVID hit. We did not have to worry scrambling to implement separate applications and processes for sharing documents, editing forms, signing electronically and communicating with our clients, as TuaPath does it all and more.” Richard Gladney, Manager.

In the months ahead, TuaPath will continue to rollout functionality based on the GST Michigan Works! priorities for addressing remote service delivery while adhering to the program’s requirements and processes.

About GST Michigan Works!

GST Michigan Works! is one of sixteen (16) Michigan Works! agencies across the State of Michigan operating workforce development programs designed to assist employers in finding skilled workers and job seekers prepare for, find and retain employment. GST Michigan Works! is governed by a Board of Commissioners representing Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Sanilac, Shiawassee and Tuscola counties which includes the city of Flint.

They offer a variety of employment services facilitated by an experienced staff of Career Counselors, Employment Specialists, and a diverse network of partners offering a host of Education, Training and Development resources.