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TuaPath Partners with Candid Career to Offer Extensive Career Exploration and Get Hired Video Content

TuaPath announces it has partnered with Candid Career to deliver career exploration and career readiness video content to its local, county and state human services organization customers who everyday dedicate themselves to helping families in need find sustainable employment that meets their career goals.

Candid Career has interviewed thousands of real working professionals who are interested in sharing their honest experiences in order to help people learn as much as possible about their options for choosing a career path, develop the skills employers seek in candidates as well as offer real advice as to how to prepare to get hired.

Any video in Candid Career’s extensive library (8000+ videos) can be integrated with TuaPath. Whether on a computer, tablet or mobile device, participants have at their fingertips access to relevant and up-to-date video content to help them become career ready. If needed, participants can complete in TuaPath a short quiz to test their comprehension of the subject matter with coaches able to track their progress.

With human services programs already overwhelmed with the burden of implementing work participation policies and processes, finding well curated career planning content is a never-ending challenge. Candid Career offers access to thousands of videos, leaving more time for staff to focus on coaching their clients to positive employment outcomes.

About Candid Career
Candid Career’s mission is to provide honest career information, and career planning help through video. They do this in order to help people learn as much as they can about their options before choosing a career path. Their video interviews are filmed without narration or actors – just real people speaking from the heart about their career experiences.

For more information on Candid Career go to www.candidcareer.com